Tuesday, April 8, 2014

procrastinatio ...

Usually when I write a blog post, I've already got an idea spinning and whirling around in my head just begging to be let out.  Sometimes I prewrite it here or on scratch paper and then import it over to this page.

If there are photos involved, those almost always come first and they require some editing to get them "just so."  There's a three step process to getting those babies here.  Said photos are uploaded, then edited, then imported, then edited some more and then arranged and rearranged a billion times.

This is all a very normal process for posting a post.  Except for this post ... I did things kinda differently.

Liiiiike, I blindly wrote out the post here first ... then found a photo I liked which in no way represented the little tale I was telling.  So I rewrote the post and then discovered this would require all different photos.  So, I need to do different writing.  So right now ... I’m *supposed to be* working on the writing.

Except instead of typing stuff out, I went into iTunes and started some music.
Then organized half of my song library.
Then went to Facebook and browsed.
Then semi-stalked an old family friend/neighbor from California.
Then got a snack. {No, it was not good for me.}
Then I turned on some music again from Pandora.
Then pinned a few things.
Then went back to Facebook to post about these cookies I found on Pinterest.
Aaaaand now I’m back to finish this darn post.

At what point would you say I completely failed at staying ‘on task’?
Don’t answer that.

There is a point to me telling you how awful I am at staying focused.  I will get to it when I remember again.


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