Monday, June 30, 2014

school of fools

It's been a tough day here and not just because our A/C decided to quit on us.  In fact, the nice man is here right now pouring in some freon.  You do pour it, right?  What do I know.  Just make it cool.

Without dragging out the details, I have to tell you that a friend, a dear friend and I are about to part ways.  I love her dearly but her political thumping (similar to bible thumping, but without the book) is getting in the way of either of us seeing anything clearly anymore.  In the past, I've let her talk... and spew... and whine ... and complain.  I've watched her friends rally around her and I've watched others abandon ship.  I've tried to stay neutral but it's getting close to impossible to do so.  Today I was attacked.  Actually, I wouldn't have been attacked if I'd just kept my mouth shut ... why am I not able to ever keep my mouth shut??!!

Anyway, in lieu of yesterday's post where I discovered that the trivial things in my life are just that, trivial ... I am gonna spend tonight kicking back and forgetting the events of the day.

Besides the pizza is due here any minute.

And the house is beginning to cool down.

Ah.  A cool house can cool my head anytime.

Life is sweet again.


Anonymous said...

So, could this be the same person I have issues with? We've spoken about it in the past.

- Kris - said...

Hmmm... I don't know. I don't mind sharing if you'll tell me who you're referring to. I probably have issues with lots of people! LOL

Anonymous said...

Her initials are T.P. We went to high school with her.

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, it's me...J.N.T. LOL