Sunday, July 27, 2014

in closing ~

I was told to go to this restaurant while I was in San Antonio.  I was told that I would not be disappointed.
So I went.

I ordered these.  Randies.  Randies are tacos.  With cole slaw.  Very innovative.

Know what I didn't order?  A cold.  Got one anyway.

And this sight below?  Out of our hotel window ... at night!  

Trust me, it was a stunning sight ... the outstretched flag was just what we needed to see at that moment.  This trip was definitely a memorable one ... from the Alamo to the Hemisfair that I visited prior when I was eight years old to the River Walk that I'd been wanting to see for quite a while.  There was history all over the place and you could just feel it in the air.  Well, humidity and history.

My smart aleck, I mean dear, darling daughter, posted this photo and asked if I enjoyed my trip to the Alamo.  A few other smart alecks, I mean dear darling friends, asked if I remembered which car rental I'd used.

I showed them all.  I posted this picture of the inside of my purse.  Yes, my camera was having a field day that day.

And finally, I thought I'd show everyone that my husband does occasionally share the driving.  Especially when he's headed out of town.  Towards his home.  Quickly.  He was anxious to get out of the heat and humidity.  Like Frisco doesn't have any??

All in all, we did have a nice trip.  All in all, we were glad to get away, even if just for a few days.  And all in all, we would do it again.  Just not to San Antonio.  And not in the dead of summer.  And not right before I returned to work.  And not in lieu of Hawaii.  Yes, that is supposed to be our next adventure.

Because it's not humid in Hawaii?


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