Thursday, July 10, 2014

speaking of selfies ...

This is our cat, Jeannie.  Liz caught her taking a "selfie," too.  She did pretty good ... 
... for a cat.

Wanna see another funny picture?

Oh, good.

Liz went to Oklahoma last weekend (not all that far, if you're reading this in California and wondering) and parked near this and freaked out.  I imagine she freaked out laughing and not from sheer terror.

Most of us would imagine this was a statue of a cow pretending to be a policeman.  Not Liz.  She posted it on Facebook and titled it:  "A cow pretending to be a flight attendant?"

Good grief.

I prefer Jeannie's selfie.  Unless, of course, that cow really is pointing to the exit doors.


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