Tuesday, July 8, 2014

you are my sunshine

We have some very average foliage in our front yard.  I make no claim to have a green thumb, in fact, I'd go so far as to say I have a black thumb.  Nothing grows, nothing even tries to grow.  So, our foliage is average at best.  And I take no credit in even getting it to it's average status.

These purple thingys are in our front yard.  Just sitting there being purple.

The little yellow flower below is making a statement.  It's saying, "hello... I'm here, too, no thanks to the lady who lives in the house."

Here's a little bigger picture of it.  I want you to see how well a flower can actually grow when I don't take care of it.  At all.  When it's left to its own devices.

More purpleage.  

Some pinkage, too.

So ... what's the point here?  Despite my black thumb, despite my lack of gardening knowlege, soil savvyness and my desire to even TRY to grow anything ...

... something growed.

And I have no idea how or why or where.  Well, I know where.  But WHERE did it come from?

One, and I mean ONE, lone little sunflower is standing in our front yard.  Just standing there!

The weirdest part?  No one has ever seen it before.

It just suddenly appeared.  Right there!

I felt compelled to take another photo of it, lest it decide to turn and run away.

Close up.  'Cuz I'm still in shock.

Close up of my car, too, in case it up and ran away as well.

Wanna see a side view?

Wanna see the back view?

Yeah, I'm pretty amazed, in case you couldn't tell.

Best view of both the sunflower and my car.  

I had to photograph this little guy.  I fear I might never, ever see it again.  And, if left to my gardening prowess, I never will.

Look!  Is that a little bud growing beside the main flower?

RUN, Kris, RUN!!!


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