Sunday, September 21, 2014

speaking of elizabeth ~

... she had a song stuck in her head and she so graciously kept sharing it with us today.  For a full eight hours or so (definitely 'or so') we got to hear, "Chicken in the bread pan, pickin' out dough."  Yep, my child is a hard core rocker.  Go Elizabeth.  Go chicken in the bread pan.

Not even sure those are the right words but that's what we were treated to all day.

Know what else we were treated to?  A discovery.  My dear darling daughter announced (and quite proudly) that she would like to take up an instrument.  For a brief moment I thought we'd have a pianist in the family.  I was wrong.  No one expected what she really announced.

"I want to play the banjo."

After I quit laughing, I asked why.  And I was that surprised with the answer ... "I want to play the banjo in jam sessions ... just like Andy Griffith."  I was suddenly laughing again.  Opie Jr. may be very good on the banjo though, so, uh, I need to get my laughing under control.

Liz' new heartthrob??

Or this dude.  She probably likes this gent for his musical abilities.  It's not a banjo, true, but it would be cool to play a jug, I'm sure.



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