Monday, September 15, 2014

toof twubble

Okay, so that cold never did grab a hold of me ... instead I found another way to have some fun.

Tootsie Rolls!  Whee!   Wait.

Before my show on Saturday night, I ate a tootsie roll.  Or two.  Or a bag.  They sure were good ... until ... one or two or three of them grabbed one of my teeth and YANKED it out.  I kid you not.  Now you see it, now you see it in your hand.  Or in the tootsie roll in your hand because you SPIT it out when you heard it go CRUNCH.

Yep, I did.

So, after going two and a half very long days with a tooth of mine sitting in my car (yeah, don't ask me why I kept it) I made a visit to my dentist.  I was prepared for oral surgery and also for an empty pocketbook.  And I was THAT SURPRISED when my dentist said, "Go get your tooth out of your car."  I did.  And before I knew it, my dentist was GLUING my tootsie roll laden tooth back into my mouth.  I kid you not, again.

I now have a new tooth.  Actually I have an old tooth.  Either way, I now have the smell of tootsie roll following me around, everywhere I go.  Ew.  I guess my dentist didn't scrub it quite as good as he should have.

The moral of the story?  You think I'm going to say, "Don't eat tootsie rolls, right?"  Nope.  Go ahead and eat them.  But be sure to keep your teeth in your car.


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