Monday, November 10, 2014

44 more shopping days

Two things ...

1) I did something stupid.  (Yeah, yeah, what else is new?)  I saw an ad that said 'Now Hiring Christmas Help' and I applied.  Yes, I applied to STORE's Department Store for Christmas help.  And why not?  I'm there all the time anyway.  But again, WHY DID I DO THIS?  No, I don't have the job... yet.  I do have an interview though.  Am I going?  Why not.  If nothing else, I'll get some interviewing practice.  And in case you're wondering ... NO, I'm not leaving my day job.  Well, not unless my acting career takes off and then maybe.  Just kidding.  No plans to leave.  The big question is WHEN ON EARTH DO I EXPECT TO FIND THE TIME TO WORK?  I have a Christmas show to direct and a choir to sing in and ... and ... and ...

2) Have you heard of Alex From Target?   He's a cute guy who just happens to work at a Target in Texas and someone snapped a picture of him and POOF.  Viral.  Alex From Target became an overnight sensation on Twitter and Facebook.

Here's the clip of him on Ellen.  Naivete at its best but I still think he's adorable.

AlexFromTarget meet EllenFromEllen


So, what's the point?  Alex from Target is local to me.  He's a Friscoan.  Friscoite?  Frisconian?  Either way, he got himself famous for ... bagging groceries?

Just call me Kris from STORE's.

Or not.



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