Sunday, November 16, 2014


If you look back an entry or two, you'll see that I've removed the name of THAT store and changed it to something a bit generic.  Why, you ask?  Well, many moons ago, I had a different blog.  And a different job.  And I liked to blog about my different job.  My different job did not like that I blogged about them and gave me the boot.  Yes they did.  Gave me more to blog about though...  SO, that said, I have a little tale to tell.  But I won't use their name in the tale.  If you were tuned in a few days ago, you may remember the name.  But far be if from me to remind anyone.  Nope, won't do it.


So, I decided to go to my "group interview."  I prettied myself all up, I put on my bestest interview clothes and I curled my hairs.  Put on my nicest shoes and remade my face.  Yes, I was looking fine.  Feeling fine, too.

I arrived at my interview with 5 minutes to spare.  Yes, I can be on time when I want to.

And in we all went.  The whole group.  I was told it was a group interview, I expected an interview.  All I got was 'group.'  And so, myself and about six or eight other would-bes all sat down at a conference room table in said store's back room.  And I thought to myself, "I'm ready.  Fire those questions at me."  But no one did.  I was handed my start papers, my I-9, my W-4, my direct deposit form and asked which position I'd like to work.  We went over theft rules and break times.  And after filling out about 100 forms, I was told to report back on Wednesday night ... to start.

My head was spinning.  I came for an interview, I walked away with a job.  But no interview.  Good grief.  I got all prettied up for nuthin'!

Sigh.  And after much deliberation in my own head, and much confusion over what just happened and much grief over whether I even wanted to do this ... I did this.

That employee discount better be worth it!!

And now you know why I renamed the store to STORE a few entries back.  Heck, all stores should just be called STORE.  There'd be no confusion as to what the business was, ... unless they had me for an employee.  And that would be nothing but confusing.


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