Wednesday, December 3, 2014

they're a-comin' ... i just know it

So, Mr. Handyman comes over to my house to do a few things needed doing around my own digs.  

Once he was here, he mentioned, "I had to knock on your tenant's door, and, by the way, she wouldn't let me in."  I said that I knew she was secretive and she usually only opens the door for me just a crack, too.  The handyman said, "I think you need to go inside, judging by the smell that I smelled."  Uh oh.   Turns out, according to the handyman, that he could smell pot, permeating from inside my tenant's house ... from inside MY townhouse.  Oh great.  No wonder she is secretive.  No wonder she never lets me in.  And, no wonder that as I was leaving her property after the fence fiasco, I remembered seeing her get into her car and head out to go shopping.  She had pulled up to me in my car and asked me if I had to go inside, because she was leaving for an hour.  I assured her I wasn't needing to go inside but now that a few things have unraveled, I'm TOTALLY kicking myself for not going in anyway.  Although, that wouldn't be legal and I do need to do everything by the book right now.

I suddenly remembered that my tenant has three small children ... and, no, this is not looking too good right now.

Rick and I have been trying to think of a valid reason that I can enter the property ... of course, giving her fair warning.  Our brains could only come up with something that a former tenant had warned me about ... in the attic there is a dryer vent that isn't shooting warm air outside.  It's shooting warm air inside and thankfully I've never fixed it.

So, that is my new plan ... except I haven't gotten all of the bugs worked out of it yet.  I mean, WHY would I suddenly need to go check on that?  Yeah, I didn't say the plan was brilliant ...    

Anyway, there are truly three small children there.  I have now poured over the contract and I confirmed that there is a clause saying there shall be no illegal activity within the property boundaries.  Yea me! for having that written there.  Oh and it's also a non-smoking property and she agreed to abide by that.  The trick will be to prove all of this.

You don't suppose she'd buy that I smelled smoke all the way over to my house, do you?

In all seriousness, though, I am not only worried about the children ... I'm worried about my own family.  Yes, I do fear retaliation.  And destruction.  True, I have a leg to stand on ... but at what cost?  And since I have no proof of anything, I do need to enter the property.  And thus, I am no longer anonymous in any report that I file to CPS and/or the police.  I'm throwing myself into the mix, now.  Into the mess, too.

Step one ... I have spoken to my own school's counselor who helped me contact CPS.  And she reminded me that not only does this need to be reported ... but it must be.  And it's my job to do it.  It's part of what I do for a living anyway.  I'm not really allowed to close a blind eye.

Step two ... Into the property I go.  I'm taking support in the way of a "fake handyman." 

Step three ... I'm moving to Hawaii right after this case comes to a close.  Or before.  Or now.  I'm already packed.

SOOOOOO ... what am I thankful for?

I am still thankful for my townhouse.  And I'm thankful there are kind folks out there who are watching out for the welfare of small children.  I'm thankful for my own job that has taught me so much ... mostly how to appreciate the differences in all children and how diversity needs to be celebrated, not just tolerated.  And certainly not shunned.


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