Monday, January 26, 2015

home sweet home

Wanna see where Rick is residing right now?  It's a nursing home. It's a very, very nice nursing home, but it's still a nursing home.

This lovely scene greets you as you walk in.  Kinda reminds me of a Cracker Barrel.  I wonder if there's a gift shop inside.    

I wonder if Rick knows he's going to have to take up the piano.  I wonder where all the piano students are.  Or where any of the people are at all, for that matter ...

Definitely not a Cracker Barrel.   Cracker Barrel isn't actually this nice.  And I have yet to find the gift shop.  

I have yet to find any people eating in this restaurant, too.  Maybe the food's bad.  Maybe the residents are all sick in bed from food poisoning.  Maybe ... maybe ... maybe the waiters are all on Medicare, too.

Hey, maybe we could get Rick a job here!

A gazeebo?  Maybe Rick and I could get married again!  Hey, after our 25th wedding anniversary spent on a radio station ... anything's possible.

But a wedding here?  That's where I draw the line.


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