Tuesday, February 3, 2015

2 days and counting ...

2nd to the last 'single girl' night before Rick returns home.  The house is clean (thanks to a Super Bowl party that forced me to get the house all cleaned up) and the fridge is ... well, it's not full, but it does have sweet tea in it.  The laundry's done and the dog is still alive.  All is well.  I even took in an episode of The Bachelor tonight.

And I found my way to my computer.  Checked out a few more houses even though I have no desire to move right now.  

Here's a couple of cool pix of potential homes:

Blurry backyard, anyone?  Seriously, people.  Spring for a better photo, okay?

This little kid's room is nice.  But WHO NAMES THEIR KID 'CARLOCK?'

Good grief.

This photo will NEVER convince me to buy this house, or any house... but I do like the little shelf over the toilet.  Nice decor there, too.  But there's no way I'd ever stand on the toilet to decorate ... and then dust it all.

I have a cabinet over my toilet now ... and I can't see what's up in there.  Perhaps I'll never know.  One good earthquake and a few things may be floating in the bowl.

Wait, there's no earthquakes in Texas.  At least there didn't used to be.

So between The Bachelor, my awful frozen dinner that I found in my freezer and a dog that's irritating the heck out of me tonight ... yep, I'm ready for Rick's return.

Cuz I need a break from this:  

Seriously, she's only pretending to be asleep.  She's been nagging me for treats ALL EVENING! 

Hurry home, Rick!!


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