Saturday, March 28, 2015

catching up

Over the past few days we have learned that Rick's surgeon is out of the picture.  Rick's medical care is in the hands of the doctor at the Rehab Center.  We learned that the Rehab Center couldn't ... or wouldn't ... release the name of that doctor to us.  We also learned that Elizabeth was not about to stand for this.  Give that girl a cause and she's a-running.

Over the past few days we learned that since neither I nor Elizabeth were on Rick's admission papers, neither I nor Elizabeth could know what meds the Rehab Center was giving Rick.  Thank you HIPAA.  But, once again, give Elizabeth a cause... nope, this time, GIVE ME A CAUSE... and I'm off and running.

Over the past few days we learned that the Rehab doctor has never met Rick.  Never been to see him and was quite surprised that a man who had back surgery was even there.  

Suffice it to say that Elizabeth and I have a scheduled meeting with this doctor.  Suffice it to say that we both have a bone to pick with him.  And with the center.  And with just about everyone in general.  It's a mighty big bone!

Rick's insurance has run out and he is quite happy about that.  He SO wants to come home.  He SO needs to be there, though.  This has not been a fun stay for him.  

So... in honor of Rick's insurance no longer paying for his stay in Rehab ... we held a garage sale today.  

Tap shoes, anyone?

Scary shoes, anyone?

Scary baby, anyone?

These two angels of God came and ran the show for me today.  I couldn't have done it without them.

And this angel came and mowed my lawn.  I couldn't ... no, I WOULDN'T have done it without her.  And didn't.

Come on over, now.  The scary shoes and the scary baby are gone.  

So is the scary grass.


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