Saturday, May 16, 2015

day 33? 34? 59?

I've so lost count of how long I've had this STUPID COLD!!

April 10th is when I got sick.  And since that time I've missed three days of work, missed 2 1/2 days of the play (and, by the way, that play HAS ENDED, thank you very much) and visited my doctor three different times.  Wait.  I went to the doctor twice and Urgent Care once.  Same thing, though.

I've been on steroids, antibiotics and I have an inhaler.

And since that time, my birth family has been found.  FIFTY-SEVEN YEARS I've waited for my birth family to be found ...  and it took a cold.  Wait.  That's not entirely correct, but I have found them during this cold and I've even had a DNA test since this cold hit me.


**  Cough Cough  **

How do I feel?  Fine, thank you.  How do you feel?

So, anyway, the DNA test has been completed and is now sitting in a laboratory in Ohio.  Or Nebraska.  Note to self:  WHERE'S my DNA????  

I did get a call from the DNA folks asking for some more information.  I figured Regina's name was on my DNA and everyone in Ohio or Nebraska was slightly confused.  I called them quickly and learned that everything was on track and they just wanted to let me know that my "sample" would be ready to read on June 3rd.

June 3rd?   Not June 2nd?   Or June 4th?


I have a payment due.  So I guess, if I don't pay them on time, it'll be June 30th.  I do have a question, though.  What if the sample is ready on May 31st?  Do I still have to wait until June 3rd?  Probably.  DNA folks are like that.

Actually, I have no idea.  I don't know any DNA folks.  I don't even know if I HAVE any DNA.  I do know someone without any finger prints...

So, June 3rd will one day arrive here.  It's going to be the longest 18 days of my life.

You think I'll be over my cold by then?

Yeah, I doubt it, too.


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