Sunday, June 7, 2015


* continued *

TEN minutes before the DNA lab closed ... I got the email.  I got the email that my results were ready but suddenly I couldn't open it.  I didn't have to, though.  My "sister" was standing by and opened it at the same time.

She was relieved.

I was shocked.

It was negative.  We were not siblings after all, at least not FULL siblings.  And although we can still take a paternity test (what we took was a 'maternal mitochondrial' test) tomorrow, Monday ... my "sister" is hesitant to do so.  She feels it will be negative as well.

I am now in touch with my private investigator and an additional private investigator.  Something is obviously amiss.  I'm amiss, too.  I was a mess before.  Okay, I'm still a mess.  Amiss and a mess.

To be continued?  Oh, I hope so.


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