Wednesday, June 10, 2015


While trying to determine if I'm going to request a 2nd DNA test or not, I've kept myself busy in other ways ...

Here's one of the fun things I've been doing ...

The ceiling in the master bedroom has flooded and is threatening to open up an rain down on me... 

This was fun, too.  It's the floor that flooded this time.  Within a week of the ceiling, which means that no, it's not fixed yet.  Neither of them are.

This is also in the master bedroom.  We have fun trying not to step on any wet spots ... and ducking to avoid all of the drips.

This was also fun.  

It's my nephew's wedding in Oklahoma.  I drove up over the weekend and had myself a gay ol' time.

I took some wonderful photos, too.  I'm very proud of them.  Wanna see?

You can almost see the bride way back there.

You can't see the bride at all here.

Below is the wedding venue.   For a moment, I thought we were in jail.  (Marriage is like that, you know.)

Maybe it's just the photographer.

This, however, was NOT the photographer's fault.  Oh, someone will try to blame me, I'm sure.  But, really, I didn't do this.

I did, however, make sure everyone in the place saw it.   And I did, however, make sure I called the groom "Goom" all night long.  Yes, I did.

Below is my favorite part of the wedding.  It sure held my interest...

(the cake.  not the purple hair.)  (although that purple hair did sorta lighten the mood.)


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