Thursday, June 18, 2015

wake up call

For quite awhile, I've been planning on going to a "girl's weekend" reunion sort of thing.  Ten girls from my college days (and sorority) have all kept in contact over the years and get together twice a year for a girl's weekend away and for a Christmas party.  I've had to miss the last few due to finances/Rick's health/distance or what have you.  However, with Rick's long illness this year, I've decided to go.  And I've made a valid attempt to attend once again.  Besides, we've lost two members of the group this year ... one to lung cancer and one to cirrhosis of the failure.  I can't miss any more!

And so, I've made 3/4 of the plans.  I've booked my flights, I've booked a car; I just need to select a hotel for the part of the stay that's just for Kris.  There will be three days just for Kris.

I haven't made any move towards packing, though, because it's still a month away.  And, at times, I feel like my little trip will never get here.

And today ... I had a wake up call.  IT'S NOT A MONTH AWAY.  Not even close.  Wait, I mean, it is close ... closer than a month away.  Yep, that's what I mean.

DANG!  It's a week away.

No, wait, it's LESS THAN A WEEK AWAY.  I'm leaving on Wednesday.  Good grief.

So... vacation, here I come, hotel or no hotel.

The good news is, I've already paid for my flight.   At least I can get where I'm going ... even if I don't have a roof over my head when I get there.

Maybe I'll just go camping.  Stars make a good roof, don't they?

Actually, here's a photo of my tent ...

I'll be able to see stars there, I'm sure.

And if not?   That little boat below will provide just the roof I need.

! ! !



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