Wednesday, July 22, 2015

If it's Wednesday ...

It's been a full week here, with lots of fun things going on.  In just four short days I've managed to evict a tenant, discover the pig sty she'd made of my rental property, sell off a lot of her belongings, recaulk a toilet, dry wall a wall, drive Rick to two doctor's appointments for two different diagnoses of what turned out to be a bed sore caused by his tail bone splitting open his ... tail, endure a drenching rain that nearly drowned our house, pet a wolf, and have a screen test for a TV show.  Did I already mention that last part?

Photos please, Kris...

Well, which ones do you want... these or those?    No, not those.  Those are not pretty.

Okay, these:

HEY!!!  I just said that THOSE are not pretty!  Oh, wait.  These were the prettiest of the non-pretty group.   THIS was all in my renter's garage.  Yep, this was the stuff that I've been getting rid of.  It's actually still there ... I'm still working on the dumpation.

After all that cleaning and dumping ... these made me smile.  They are in no way related to my tenant's departure ... they have everything to do with my desire for chocolate.

But aren't they cute?   I'm guessing that these are potato chips, Rolos and red licorice.

Could someone make these for me, please?

Below is the rain storn that nearly knocked Rick onto his keister.  It wasn't funny at the time ...
Okay, it was.

After that horrific rain storm, I needed some cuteness.  Isn't this cute?  Well, it is unless you look at it in a thumbnail print on your phone.  In that instance 'under side of a kitty' turns into a totem pole head and I keep wondering why I have a photo of a totem pole head on my phone.  No, seriously.  Squint and see if you don't see an old skull or alien head ... or totem pole head.

Here's one more fun thing.  
This man was sitting behind Rick at the restaurant we were eating lunch at.  At least I think it was a man.   It could've been another alien.

Now, THIS was fun!

THIS is a modern day screen test.  For a modern day TV show.  Casting directors are coming younger and younger these days.  They are also coming from San Dimas.  Yep, this gal and I chatted for quite awhile about coming from the same city.  Not sure I got the job ... but at least I know how a screen test goes.   So much for the ol' clap board.

Hey look ... they don't use chalk any more.  Sigh ... I remember when ...

There.  Much better.

And I'll wrap this all up with this ...

A 'pre-contract'.  If nothing comes of it ... feel free to wrap your garbage in it.  Better yet, go ahead and use it to help me clean out that garage above.,,


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