Wednesday, July 15, 2015

post cali

 So where were we?  Oh yeah, in California.   By the way, REAL Californians do NOT (I repeat do NOT) call it 'Cali.'   Ugh.  It's California.  'SoCal' if you must, but I'll accept nothing else.

Below first ... are the obligatory photos.  You know, who was I with, what did I do, where did I go...  So there they are, laid out for you.    THEN I'll tell the real story.

Those are my Cali (oops) friends from college.  We go back to ... well ... okay, the 70's.  We were all in the same sorority and not necessarily the best of friends then.  We are now, though.  I'm way in back.  Obviously this was one of our meals.  Don't ask me which one, though.  We ate a couple of times.

That's me in the back again.  I make sure I'm always in back, I guess.  And, uh, that's a wine bottle I'm holding up.  No, really.

So, on to the non-obligatory pictures ...

Here's how the story went:

I saw special people,

I went to special places,

I saw parades,

I ate at the best of places.

I saw castles,

and castles caught on fire.

The traffic was unbearable,

the real traffic wasn't much better.

There were lots of people in the pool, too.  Lots. Of. People.

Not a lot of wildlife, though.

Not a lot of clothing, either.

Wanna see a close up?  Yeah, me either.

Here's a good view, too.  Just a little meat market in L. A.   
It's okay to say Cali in this case.  Cali would have a V.A.G. Market.

Here's my favorite spot on earth.
No, really.  Tomorrow I'll tell you why.
It's too emotional for me right now.


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