Sunday, August 30, 2015

ready, set, GO

I sat down on this beautiful Sunday afternoon to tackle a task.  I am determined to complete this daunting task once and for all.

I've begun this chore many times over the last week, over the last month.  I was constantly getting called away to address something at my rental property, something with Rick, something with Elizabeth, something with my house, something with my job.  No, really, I was always being called away.  Even the dishes needed doing every time I sat down to work on my project.

This time, I am here.  I am dressed and ready.  I have a diet coke in my hand, I have the TV on in the background.  Nothing will stop me now.  'Cause once I make up my mind to do something, I'm gonna do it.  The phone is silenced, the dishwasher is full and now running.  Rick is quietly doing some paperwork and out of my hair.  Even the dog is busy ... manning the front door.  I'm guessing that even she knows how important this is.  She will beat down anyone that comes through my door and tries to stop me.  No, it just won't happen.

I am here ... and about to balance my checkbook.


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