Monday, January 11, 2016

a gaggle of geese

As March approaches ... and I get MORE AND MORE excited to view our episode of Hoarders, Galloping GourmetReal Housewives THAT SHOW ... know that I google/search/stalk/tear apart the internet every night trying to find out EXACTLY when our little show will air.  I know every keystroke of every website that even hints that they might know something.

And I keep turning up nothing.  And I get frustrated.

Today I actually broke down and contacted the folks that did the shooting/reporting/producing of our episode.  I know they know something and I know they will not tell me.  They're just like that.

BUT ... I did get a response finally.

Was it what I wanted?  Of course not.

It was this.  OUR SHOW WILL NOT AIR IN MARCH.  Heck, I could've told you that.  I've seen every promo for every other show on TLC.  I've scoured the TV Guide and the Guide on my TV.  Nothing.  But I can tell you when The Little Couple's two children will be returning to preschool.  I can also tell you all about my 600 lb. life (not MY life ... the show! the show!) and I can also say yes to the dress.  Even if I don't want to.  Tonight I'm going to watch an episode of The Bachelor, just to break up the monotony.

What I can tell you is this ... Our show will air in May now.  This came from the horse's producer's mouth.  Yes, it did.  It makes me sad, too.  And yet, I know it'll come.  So I'm okay.

EVEN IF I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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