Tuesday, April 19, 2016


So, I know how everyone else felt, at least I know what everyone has said to my face ... and I've been pleased with the feedback.  But now it's time to address how I felt about the show.  Not about the reunion; that was wonderful.  That was beyond any of my wildest expectations.  But how do I feel about the show ... and the job that TLC did portraying our story?

1)  I have way too much hair.  So much for thinking it was thinning.

2)  I should never wear black.  And since black makes you look slimmer ... and it failed miserably to do so, I guess I should just give it up and wear an old bathrobe.  It'd look about the same.

3)  You can hug the host all you want to ... but it might end up on the cutting room floor.  Then people will ask you why you didn't hug the host.

4)  Don't tilt your head when answering a question.  It might feel 'cute' at the time, but it isn't when you see it live.

5)  Do not, I repeat DO NOT watch yourself on a 65" TV.  Never.

6)  If you DO watch on a 65" TV, at least adjust the aspect ratio.  Then you won't look like the truck you're standing next to that's wildly out of proportion, too.  Just sayin'.

And finally ...

7)  Don't entertain, even for a moment, any of the other ridiculous offers you've gotten since your show aired.  No, I do not want to be on "Secret Lives of Americans."   Well, not until I adjust my aspect ratio, at least.



Cheyenne Kennedy said...

Saw the episode you were featured on. It made me very sad. We are related. My grandma is a Privette. I just want to let you known you have a whole other family....lots and lots of us! Lol. I'm so happy for you. And you might have been born in California, but the majority of the Privettes are from North Carolina and Texas. If you ever have any questions, we are always here to answer them. �� And you look great in black, BTW! Take care.❤

Kris Kahle said...

Cheyenne! I'm in Texas! I guess I'm one of those folks you mentioned. Thank you so much for the kind words; and I mean that. I'd love to meet you, even if just by facebook. I'd love to know more about your grandmother, too, since the name I am claiming to be mine is Privette! I do have tons of questions ... let's start with * how do I reach you???