Monday, May 9, 2016

before we proceed ...

... thought I'd show you that we're no longer a one-car family.  Yep, I thought we could do it, but we failed miserably at it.  We always both needed to be somewhere, somewhere different at the same time.  So, yeah, one car didn't cut it.

So does that make us a two-car family now?  


Our other car took one look at THIS car and fell apart.  Thirteen years of ZERO problems and suddenly it threw in the towel.  The air bags died (all of them?  seriously?) which caused the horn to stop working.  So, we can drive the car ... but Lord help us if we're challenged by a passing car...  We can't honk to yell at them and we can't even crash into them.  No air bags!


$1000 later ... that car will be home on Friday.

So, we're a one-car family ... again.

I wonder if this car can take on that roller coaster?

Wink, wink.


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