Tuesday, September 27, 2016

cottage cheese

I hate cottage cheese ... but I'm rather fond of this lil' cottage.  It's our newest attempt at real estate in Idaho.  The first property fell out of escrow (and it was a hard, hard fall!) and this one jumped right in to take it's place.  Whatcha think?  Think any vacationers will want to rent it out?


We've got a living room ...

and a roaring fire.  It's not 'roarin with recipes' but it could be ... if I don't learn to cook something better than scrambled eggs...

It does come with a kitchen.  But I'm not sure what to do in there.  

I've heard that some people actually create food in these rooms.  Something I know nothing of.

It comes with a nursery, too.

Now what am I supposed to do with this????

I think the grounds are pretty.  Rick, however, does not.  Rick wants a view.  I told him it HAS a view.  Right into your neighbor's living room!!

You can see a lot peeking into your neighbor's living room, you know.


So, we're in escrow, whether Rick likes it or not.

And we'll be open for business soon.  I've already secured bunches of furnitures.  Fifteen or so beds.  'Cuz I want you all to come.

Just kidding.  Fifteen beds wouldn't fit in there.  Only fourteen will.

Or two.

Okay, two.  Two beds, okay??  

I will have two fridges, though.  Bring lots of food!!!!


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