Tuesday, November 15, 2016

a week of transition ...

It has been an interesting week.  A looong, interesting week.  A looong, interesting, stressful week.  I think I survived it, though.  Yep, pretty sure I did.  I didn't die, anyway, although I sure tried to.

I headed to Idaho to complete the signing off on the new condo I bought ... and to get it ready to rent out to vacationers.  I'd seen the place once before so I knew what I was getting myself into ... and I liked the little place.  I really did.  And do.

But prior to heading to Idaho ... I got word that I needed to take a little someone with me.  A little dog named Harold was headed to Idaho and needed to hitch a ride with me.  And in true 'Kris' form, I said yes ... knowing that I'd never, ever traveled with a dog on a plane before.

Stress #1:  Harold.

Even though he is cute, he was stressful.  I worried about him for the entire plane trip, constantly checking to make sure he was okay.

Even though he was stress, he sure was cute.  And a perfect gentleman.  And he slept the entire way.  I fell in love with Harold.

And then his new family changed his name to Gromet.  I'm not in love with Gromet yet.  I don't even know what a Gromet is.  I barely know what a Harold is.

But I want one.  Yes, I now want a Harold-Gromet of my own.


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