Friday, December 16, 2016

63 - 50 = ?

Below ...

You can see the exciting cities that I keep on my weather chart in my phone ...  Fresno, Kris?  Really?  Heck yeah.  I've got some good friends there and I always need to know that it's a whole degree warmer here than there.

Now that bottom city?  Spokane?  Seriously?

I'm headed to Spokane in three weeks and it'll be FOUR DEGREES.  Wait, that's now.  It'll probably be a tad less than that in three weeks.

minus 50?

Oy vey.

I will get a taste of ol' Spokane very soon, though.  In fact, tomorrow.  I'm working in Oklahoma on Saturday and it's supposed to be a toasty 6 degrees by the time I get off work at midnight.

Frankie Valli better be worth it (I gave Rick tickets to see Frankie Valli for his birthday and coincidentally - or not- I'm working at his show.)

Heck, Rick better be worth it.

I'm not even worth that...

Know something funny?  4 degrees in Spokane and it's MOSTLY SUNNY!


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