Friday, December 30, 2016

ta ta, 2016

A lot of folks are claiming that 2016 has been one heck of a horrible year. Actors and actresses have been dying right and left, in fact, they've been dying in record numbers.  Tax hikes have happened; property taxes went up massively. A regular ol' citizen was elected President.  Churches experienced record lows in numbers and crime shot up sky high. The police were hated even more than they already were.  Children were encouraged to be any gender they wanted and television nearly went out of business. The post office nearly did, too. The post office needed to, though. WAAY too many of my packages never made it to their destinations.

2016, to me, wasn't all that bad. In fact, we managed to bounce back in 2016 from the blows we were struck in 2015. Yep, 2016 was pretty decent to me.

So how exactly was my 2016?

1.  After a rat infestation, we sold our Frisco townhouse and made a profit. The profit allowed us to pay off a lot of our medical debt and finally have a little money in a savings account. The balance was used to purchase a little condo in Post Falls, Idaho. We learned that we only had six months to reinvest (due to tax laws) so we did. And what better place than near my new mother and sister.

2.  Did I mention that I got to watch the reunion between my new mother and myself on TV?  Yep, even had a viewing party to celebrate!

3.  Instead of renting out the Idaho property to a long term tenant, my new sister advised me to try AirB&B and I did.  I took my chances and listed my cute new property for vacationers to stay in. And despite my doubts, the venture was a success. In two months time, we had five families come and stay. We've got one more on the calendar for next month, too. And I now have a place to stay when I visit in two weeks. Rick'll be with me on the next trip and he'll get to see my acquired property for the first time. Fingers are crossed that he likes the place because right now he's dragging his feet. He doesn't like snow. And there's nothing but snow in Idaho right now.  He especially hates dragging his feet in the snow.

4.  I'm going to be an aunt!  Although this exciting event won't take place until 2017, I've been celebrating since September of 2016.

5.  My dear, darling daughter decided to move home in October. This was supposed to be a two week adventure but at the last minute, my child decided to move in instead.   And before I proclaim whether this was a good thing or a bad thing, read on.

6.  In an effort to increase our income, I rented out our guest bedroom to an old friend of my daughter's.  That was quickly followed by a recently widowed woman who needed a place to go ... and we just happened to have Elizabeth's bedroom open. And then Elizabeth moved home.

7.  In another effort to increase our income, I began a second job. I became a security guard at the Frisco Cowboy stadium. I look so cute in my little security guard outfit ... holding my little wand and digging through little lady's purses.

8.  But 2016 continued to excite us. I got to shoot two more episodes of Long Lost Family (in Idaho and Los Angeles) and once again had the time of my life. I met my new sister Judy and even got to interview her personally.

9.  We lost our sweet, sweet Midnight but replaced her with the wonderfully mischievous Buddy.

Yes, our lives are complete and comfortable and fun and lovely and warm. Especially warm.   Yes, life is good.  And I'm more than ready to move into 2017.

Happy New Year!


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