Friday, January 27, 2017


There's a certain amount of letdown after any big and exciting event.  If you've been looking forward to something for SO long, suddenly it comes and suddenly it's over ... and suddenly you've got nothing left to look forward to.

Every concert I've ever been to has produced that emotion in me.  Every big event has, too.  I got married once ... and that was about the only time I was happy to see things settle down afterward.  But still, there was no more planning, no more stressing, no more worrying ... and, of course, no more "the big day is COMING!" excitement.  We settled down and enjoyed being married ... but still.

Long Lost Family was much, much like that.  All built up and then the day of the show arrives.  Poof.  All let down.   But life wasn't settled for long because it got all built up again with a follow up episode ... and the show aired this past Sunday and ... poof.  All let down.

HOWEVER ... for some unknown reason, I'm all hyped up today.  My head is spinning, my body is whirling.  My thoughts are all mixed up.  SOMETHING BIG IS COMING!!!

And then I realized that two cups of coffee (I normally drink zero) and two large diet cokes (that's about right) can do that to you.

Anyone need anything done today?  'Cuz the Tazmanian Devil can get it done for you!


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