Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Okay, before I get into TOOOO much trouble (too late!), I need to move off of the 2 sisters post.
So ...
      moving on!

Remember when my dear, darling daughter decorated my house for Christmas?  Welp, she UNdecorated last night.  Remember when she forgot to put the tree up?  Welp, she took everything down last night ... EXCEPT for the tree!

So, here we are, in January, with a bare, naked house ... a fully lit and decorated Christmas tree left standing in the middle of the family room.

I give up.  In fact, I'm keeping it up.  No reason to take it down and have to fight her in a year to put it back up!  Nope, nope, nope.  I'll just keep it up and claim I'm early for next year!  355 days early.  But who's counting ...

Never hurts to be early, I always say.

Actually I've never said that.


Wait, I just said it.  Scratch that.

So, my mother in law is on her way to California today.  Moving back to her old stomping grounds and quite happy about it, might I add.  Maybe she wanted to get away from my Christmas tree ...


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