Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Every.  Bone.  In.  My.  Body.  Aches.

Why, you ask?  Something about a flood.

You see, in Texas (and probably many other parts of the country) the weather gets a tad cold.  And cold it got this week.  And, in Texas (and probably many other parts of the country) you need to put little sweaters and booties on your outside pipes and faucets.  I've known this for oh, ten years.  What I didn't know, though, was that I had missed one.  And missed it for the six years that we've lived in this house in Frisco.  I've had six years of good luck and now, six hours of bad luck.

We hit 20 degrees.  We've hit that before ... but we were lucky, I guess.  THIS 20 degrees took us down, literally.

I heard the pipe burst.  I saw the water gush.  And gush and gush and gush and gush.  I called 911 (cuz I couldn't think of what else to do) and you know what?  They never came.  NEVER.  The City of Frisco did, though.  Maybe 911 called them.  Who knows.  Either way ... it took the city TWO HOURS to come!!!!

So, pain?  That was TWO SOLID HOURS of bailing water out of our house.

Bailing and bailing and bailing.  And aching and aching and aching.


We lost a lot (two types of flooring - carpet and wood)  ... and ... believe it or not, all of our Christmas presents.   Yep, we are those people who still hadn't put their tree away.  Nor their gifts, obviously.

We are left with ... PAIN.

Here's what broke.  And don't say, "Hey, that looks easy to fix.  'Cuz I had no clue.  Heck, I couldn't even figure out how to turn our water off."

Here's what our main room looked like once we had decluttered.  I mean, picked up everything off the floor ...

That person playing on his phone is Rick.  He's dead now.  Or he should be.

We're not really this cluttery.   Okay, we are now.

This is Kyndra.  She got right to work.  She's my hero.  Er, heroine.


Know what I did as soon as the flood was all cleaned up?  I went out and looked for a new house.  The money pit and are done.  This relationship is over.

Don't believe me?  It's true.  And sadly, I found my dream home.  But my own home isn't quite ready to sell yet.  Dang it.

I'm moving in tomorrow.



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