Tuesday, January 24, 2017

So ...

So we got the flood in the garage cleaned up.
A few weeks later, we got the flood in the kitchen cleaned up.
A few days later, we got the flood under the sink cleaned up.

And now, I'm busy cleaning up the flood of damage that my little show caused.  Who knew?

Let's see.  My new mom saw a photo of her kidnapper.  My new mom began to have flashbacks.  Nice.  My new half-sister isn't happy about everyone calling her dad a monster.  She also isn't happy that I agreed with everyone.  Never mind that I also said he seemed nice.

My new 'not sister' found out that she isn't a sister and that her dad isn't her dad.  And her real sister isn't her sister, either.

I found out that I look awful on TV.  And I have horrible taste in clothes.

My daughter and husband made it on TV this time.  They looked funny.  I didn't though.

I found out that I get very nervous seeing myself on TV.  I also don't want to anymore.  I'm also lying.  I'm dying to continue this story.

I found out that there's a book being written about all of this.  And a movie is supposed to come from this.  Should I hold my breath?

And finally, the producer of Long Lost Family told me there's no more to come.

I decked her.


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