Friday, February 17, 2017

She. Is. Home.

And the healthy eating regime has already begun.


Elizabeth was so grateful to be home last night that she cooked us dinner.  We were served a bowl of yellow things with some brown things on top and some green thingies on top of the brown things.  It was anything but delicious.

To top is all off, there was white stuff fluffing around the rim of the bowl.

The brown things resembled potatoes, the yellow and green thingies were trying to be vegetables ... and that white stuff was Greek yoghurt ... pretending to be sour cream.

So, basically, we had potatoes for dinner.

I had chocolate afterwards.  Followed by more chocolate.

You can't give me the dinner of a rabbit and expect me not to find some chocolate.

So, Elizabeth is home and she ruling the roost again.  No telling what tonight's dinner will consist of.  I bought her some quinoa.

That actually looks kinda good ...

... if you're a nut.


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