Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I found my new home!  No really!  I did, I did!

It's not built yet ... that'll take 8 months.  And that's just perfect for me because it'll take me 8 months to clean out/clean up/declutter/part with my current home.

I found us a F O U R bedroom home that's a one-story.  My dream!  Well, actually it's a 1.5 story but that's even better.  And I claimed the upstairs bedroom as my very own ... no matter how old I get.  Stairs?  Who cares?  GIVE ME THAT HOME!

It's out in the country, though.  Our challenge all along has been to get a home that is still within a short driving distance of all of Rick's doctors.  QUITE a challenge.  Frisco isn't conducive to us finding the right home anymore because it's way outpriced itself so I knew we'd have to drive a wee bit away from Rick's doctors.  ...  So off I go to a neighboring city, McKinney, and thus found us the perfect home.

So I packed up Rick on Sunday and drove him there.  Skipped church and everything.

I showed him how to get on the freeway, how to get off the freeway, how to navigate to the house and finally how to get back on the freeway to find his doctors.  It wasn't all that easy since I've only done it once before myself.  But I did it and I was a might proud of myself, too.  I got us to that wonderful, BRAND NEW, fabulous, perfect little home for us.

Know what Rick said when he saw it and saw the glow of joy on my face?

He said, "Nope."  Simply nope.  He said it was too far.  And too far out in the country.  And in a questionable area.  And... and... and...

I moved in without him anyway.


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