Monday, March 20, 2017

onward ho

WE have decided to move.  I stress the 'we' part because every past move has been all of my own doing.  THIS TIME, I actually decided to get input from the hubs.  And, for a change, we were on the same page.  I want to move and HE WANTS TO MOVE.  How about that?

So, I began my house hunt.  (Okay, I'm always house hunting.  Shut up.)  But I started the official search for a new house this past weekend.

Certain price range ... certain area ... certain view ... certain distance from all of Rick's doctors.  Yep, we've got certain criteria.  Well, Rick does.  Mine is just ... nice.  pretty.  nice and pretty.  with a great view.  nope, a fabulous view. And you know that 'certain price' part?  That means cheap! 

And ... here is the first contender.  I was instantly in love.  CHECK OUT THE PRICE!!!!

It's HUGE and it's gorgeous.  And look at the land around it!

The yard looked great, too.

There was just one thing wrong with this house.

SOLD.  I'll take it.


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