Monday, May 1, 2017

i'm still here!

And sadly ... so is Elizabeth.

She wants to hit the high seas so badly but dang it, she's still in the paperwork process.  Poor kid.  She's ready (but not packed.)  She's still working (but not at the job of her dreams.)  She's working out (but not at the Cowboy Facility ... no, we're not still bitter about that.)  She's ready, willing and able, yet that magical phone call hasn't come through yet, the one giving her a date to report.

First up, my dear, darling daughter will fly to Maryland for a week of water safety training.  Then she'll either fly home to Texas to pick up her belongings or she'll already have them with her and then fly straight to Hawaii.   I hope they make it clear which group she falls into ... I'd hate to think she was getting to come back home and then not get to.

Wait, that'd be MY luck.  She'll be fine.

And once we get this kiddo on her ship ... we thought we'd get to see her again in four months when she's given her first vacation.  Know what she said?

NO WAY!  I'm gonna travel for the four weeks I'm off!

Sigh.     But it's a good sigh.    More computer time for Krissy without her dear, darling daughter accusing her of being a lazy bum.  It's true ... but no one likes to be accused of it.

So, here we sit.  Leis and Harachi Sandals in each hand.  Cake and cookies are sitting on the table waiting for the Farewell Luau that we have yet to schedule.  Blue Hawaiis are in the blender just waiting for a push of the button.

Any longer and we might have to re-refrigerate the pig.


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