Monday, June 5, 2017

School's Out For .... summer

School ended on Friday.  My day job will continue for one more week, though.  My second job started up again on Saturday.  I took about a month off from my second job, trying to heal my injured arm and elbow.  I needed another month off, though.  As a security guard, I have to "wand" folks and make sure they're not carrying any knives or other weapons ... or Fritos.  Yep, food is never allowed.  Knives slip by us sometimes ... but never a Frito shall enter the venue.

Anyway, now that I'm back working that second job in full force (oh yes, full force) I'm remembering the real reason I took a month off.

This weekend I worked a soccer game ... and a high school graduation.  The soccer game?  A breeze.  Well, not literally ... it was HOT out there.  But that graduation!  Oh that graduation.

The regular local schools had all finished their ceremonies so yesterday was what I believed to be a magnet school.  You know, the smarty pants schools.  Unfortunately, CHARTER schools and MAGNET schools are not the same thing.  I sorta got those all mixed up.  And those smarty pants kids?  Not so much.  The graduation that I worked was a charter school graduation.  Six of them, actually.

Definition of charter school?  CORRECTIONAL INSTITUTION.  Yep, I work a graduation for a bunch of jail heads.  Not parrotheads; that's next week when I work the Jimmy Buffett concert; and that's another type of jail, I'm sure.  These kids?  Jailheads.  

You know what?  The kids were fine.  But oh, those parents.  And those teachers!  I was yelled at, barked at and had water bottles thrown at me.  Those parents were not happy ... and yet, you think they would be ... finally getting their little darlings graduated out of high school.

"Charter schools serve significantly higher percentages of minority or low-income students than the traditional public schools. Charter schools accept students by random, public lottery."

Yeah, who knew?  I certainly didn't.  I do now, though.  

Wanna know something sad?  The number of young girls who crossed the stage, in their caps and gowns, carrying their small children.  The first young girl carrying a baby across shocked me.  The next one didn't.  The one who came with three children, though, did.  What a hard life she has created for herself.

Now, on to Parrothead dome.  Can't wait to see what all the excitement is about there.  If my shoulder and elbow hold up ... maybe I can learn a few things about Jimmy Buffet on Saturday.  
Maybe he went to a charter school, too.     Or maybe he should have.


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