Monday, July 3, 2017

Kris? Oh, Kris?

So, I finally crossed something off of my bucket list.

Let me recap first.   I spent a full week on the road driving through Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and finally Idaho.  Touched a wee bit into Washington there, too. LONGEST road trip of my life, that's for sure.  But we're here. Rick and I.  But that's not the bucket list part.

Still in recap ... I've cooked over 28 meals, cleaned the kitchen two or three times, vacuumed exactly 0 times, vacationed in Washington for three days, continued selecting features for my NEW house in McKinney via text, watched 200 hours of Netflix including such epics as Mary Tyler Moore, Friends, Forensic Files, Friends, That Girl, Friends, Friends and Forensic Files.

I've gone to bed at 3:00 AM countless times (yawn) and gotten up at noon the same amount of times.

I've dined at Applebee's and Capone's and a ridiculous amount of Mexican restaurants.  I even dined at KFC today.

I've put four sofa covers over my wildly unattractive couch trying to find one that fits. I'm still working on this.

I've made my bed exactly once.

I've hung six pictures on the walls, twelve different times, twelve different ways.  I've been to WalMart enough times to get scolded by the customer service lady and told, "No more returns for six months!"  I showed her, I shop at Target now.

I've paid exactly two bills and received countless calls complimenting my bill paying skills.  No, seriously.

And I've sent my daughter off to Maui to entertain the troops.

I've always wanted to take a summer off and drive to my own summer place.  I wanna be ... what's the opposite of a snowbird?

I may now cross that off my bucket list.   It's all scribbled out alongside a train trip I dreamed of taking last year.  Two items on my bucket list ... two items crossed off. Two items that I was dying to do. Two items I will never do again. Both involved travel. Both were the two longest trips of my life.

Bucket list, schmucket list.

Happy 4th of July!  We'll be home shortly.  And creating a new bucket list. And if it involves ANY form of travel, I'll be crossing myself off of the list.


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