Tuesday, October 10, 2017


I house-sat over the weekend ... and, of course, the house needed some tending to.  Things always happen when I'm in charge.

The a/c guy had to come and the GIANT dog had to be monitored while the a/c came and performed his miracles.

GIANT dog did not like a/c guy.
GIANT dog did not like a/c guy climbing up into GIANT dog's attic.
GIANT dog stood guard.

I do not like GIANT dogs.  GIANT dogs, though, for some reason like me.

Ahhhh, sweet little GIANT dog.

"Come here, Baby.  Give me a kissy."

Go away GIANT doggy.


Ugh.  GIANT dog won.  I am sufficiently kissed all over.

Good thing he had just brushed his teeth ...


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