Wednesday, January 3, 2018

2017 in review ...

2017 has closed out.  Gone.  Kaput.  Kicked to the curb.

We ended it with a bang, literally.

Our house is falling apart around us, with creaking noises going on overhead incessantly.  None of our doors are tight so cold air seeps in all the time, in all the wrong places.  Several of our toilets flush at will, usually during the middle of the night. And just as we were about to sit down and watch that ol' ball drop ... the oven kicked the bucket.  Out came the crockpot for our dinner.

So, as we plan to move in 2018, we will not be sad to see this house go.  No oven (although we did reboot it and get it to work), no heat (because I turned the heater off and it thought I meant FOR GOOD), no fireplace logs (used them all, trying to warm up the house), creaking, creaking and MORE creaking, flushing toilets (ghosts?), and several ruined floors from several broken pipes awhile back.   And a peeing dog that helps keep those ruined floors ... ruined.

Yep, we couldn't get out of 2017 fast enough.

So what does 2018 hold for us?

A new house (that'll break us for sure), back surgery for Rick (that'll break us more), a daughter in Hawaii who constantly needs help financially (need I say it, we're broke) and a move (that's it, we're officially poor) done in two parts.  We'll need to take an apartment after we sell our house ... and before we can move into the new house.  My hands are already up in the air in desperation.

But 2018 won't be all bad.  Did I mention that we're getting a new house?  A NEW house.  Literally.  And nothing goes wrong in new houses, right?  Oh, shut up.

We won't be too much further from where we are now ... but we will be out of the Frisco tax umbrella.  We will not live in a creaking house (can I get a BIG AMEN!?) and our peeing dog ... well, he's coming with us ... unless I kill him first.  The toilets might just flush on cue, and the house might just be warm.  And maybe the pipes won't freeze and flood.

There is hope for us in 2018.  The biggest hope is for Rick.  He will be having back surgery that is supposed to be the be-all/end-all back surgery.  It is supposed to put an end to his pain.  And for that, we can only say that no matter what, 2018 will be a good year.

2018, here we come!!!!


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