Monday, January 22, 2018

I've said it before ...

... and I'll say it again.  "If you're going to be in the Kahle family, you have to be willing to perform."

Meet Buddy.  Buddy became a Kahle on December 9th of 2016.  He was Rick's birthday present ... as we had just lost our dear Midnight.

Buddy had no idea what he was signing up for.  None.

Not only has he endured costume after costume, he now has to endure my love of the theater.  And film.  And television.  Yep, Buddy has just entered the world of television.  How and why, you ask?  Welp, I auditioned him, I took him to a "set" and I enticed  begged  forced him to perform.  Silly dog.  He did it, too.

Buddy is a "spokes dog" for Farmer's Insurance.  Apparently they offer pet insurance now ... and Buddy is there to help entice everyone to buy it.  I'm not gonna ... but you should.  'Cuz you're rich.  Everybody's rich.  I'm not, though.

Here's the cast:

We're partial to the little guy in Greg Brady's spot up top.  Although, honestly, they're all cute.

They were welcomed like the stars they were ...

Here's Buddy acceptance letter:

First stop ....  the potty room.  

Placed down on doggy level, as if they could read it.  Buddy can't read yet, though.  I know this because he christened the wall of the studio the moment he got there.


Next stop ... Craft Services.  Dog treats for everyone!

And ... the star!


... sporting each of these fine costumes.  Never mind that they are from his Halloween trunk.

This beautiful gal was the hostess.  I hope to look like her one day.

Meet Melissa Bankard.

She hired Buddy.

Buddy has a crush on her.  I know this, because he didn't want to leave.

And there you have it.

All Kahles have been "in the movies" now.  Except for Jeannie.

We don't let her perform ... since she's only interested in adult films.


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