Thursday, February 22, 2018

ha. ha. and ha.

These bark.

These do NOT bark.

These bark.

And this barks, too.

          Not even this one ...

So, when you take your car into the shop for a "barking noise" and the dealer CONVINCES you it was just the hoverboard you had sitting in your back seat ... rest assured that hoverboards DO. NOT. BARK. 

You don't remember the story?     Check it out,  HERE.

Anyhoo ... my hoverboard does not bark, never did bark and it most likely never will.

My car, however, truly did.

And the dealer called me yesterday and said, "I have good news and bad news.  The good news is ... your car really did bark.   The bad news is ... your transmission is blown.  And you need a new one.  And it'll take a good week to order it and replace it.   The good news is ... you're getting a brand new transmission!"

The dealer must not know that I don't own this car.  It's only a lease.  And I couldn't care less if I have a new transmission or not.  I only wanted him to admit it wasn't the hoverboard.  And he did admit that.

So, the joke was on him

Wait.  The joke is on me.   I'm the one paying for a new transmission.

I think I'd rather have this:


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