Saturday, December 15, 2007

Headin' home

Heading home from our little Thanksgiving getaway in California and Mexico, I stupidly thought we would have smooth sailing home. I mean, why wouldn't we? We'd already run the gauntlet of lateness.

Eight days earlier, we had left Dallas over five hours late and had arrived three hours late to our surprise party. Sitting on a runway in Dallas for five hours? Okay, we'd done our time.

And thinking that we would be first off the ship on Friday morning... because our bag tags had a #1 on them... Well, we were that surprised when we were the last ones to be able to exit the ship. I mean, for heaven's sake, WE had a Disneyland day to get to. Didn't the captain understand?

But we survived that late day, too. And knowing that our luck had changed, we headed to LAX on Sunday to board our DC10 back to Dallas. There was no way this plane would be late. It just couldn't be. Our luck had changed.


The gods of the air traffic control department had smiles on their faces. I could almost hear them saying, "How can we mess up the Kahle's trip this time?" And those little gremlins went to work to change our plans.

We arrived at the airport on time... that was our first mistake. Our flight home was already delayed an hour. I refused to believe the words I was hearing in my head... "here we go, again..."

Well, needless to say, one hour turned into two and into three and so on. At the three hour delay mark we tried valiantly to board a different plane across the way. All we would have to do was board the new flight and come back for our luggage in the morning. We could do that. We would also have to sit in different rows from each other. We could do that, too. And Rick would not have the bulkhead that he so loves. Okay, Rick gave in to that, too.

However, that plane never came. That plane didn't like us, either.

And back we headed to our original flight, begging to be let back on it. The gremlins had a moment of niceness and let us back on.

And at a mere 7:25 pm, the Kahles were safely headed back to Texas. With luggage. 9:25 pm Texas time. That would bring us into DFW around 12:25 am.

Never mind that I had to work the next morning. Never mind that we couldn't find our car for over an hour.

Oy vey.

I wonder if we earned any more bonus miles from American Airlines...

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