Saturday, December 15, 2007

We're so sorry...

Dear Mrs. Kahle:

What a frustrating day you had on November 17 when you waited for flight 1773 to depart. After our manager in Dallas/Fort Worth shared the details surrounding this flight, we wanted to take this opportunity to apologize to you. We are truly sorry for all that happened and that we couldn't get you to Los Angeles as scheduled on November 17.

As you were aware, a mechanical issue was discovered with the aircraft prior to takeoff, necessitating a delay so our mechanics could evaluate the situation. While we initially thought the matter could be resolved relatively quickly, it seems we were a bit too optimistic and the repairs were more involved than first thought. Again, I apologize for the aggravation of having to spend your time waiting when you were anxious to be somewhere else.

In addition to our apology, we've added 4000 Customer Service Bonus miles to your AAdvantage account.

There now, that should make anyone feel better....

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