Monday, December 24, 2007

Hello? Boston Market?

Having just learned that my sister in law and her family are coming for Christmas dinner, I raced over to the Boston Market and placed an order for a full meal.

We are having the usuals. Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, gravy, stuffing and of course, the green bean casserole. The Boston Market had them all. And it was a good thing, because even though Rick bought me some groceries recently... well, a lot of that was gone now. We may not have had a full turkey dinner for Thanksgiving (or in the days following) but we certainly had pieces of that dinner at many different times during the month. Stuffing goes with spaghetti, right?

So anyway, I placed my order. But I ordered quickly and once I was home and could really think about what I wanted, I decided to call them back and make a change or two.

I decided though, that this was a good job for my secretary, Elizabeth. She could make that call, make that change and even make a few other calls for me as well.

One note: make sure your daughter is paying attention when you give her instructions on who to call and what to say.

I also wanted Elizabeth to call a man named Nicky and arrange a time for us to pick up some boxes from him. We had recently agreed to store some boxes in our garage for a friend of Rick's, who is heading to Peru for five months and Nicky was the man with all of the boxes. I decided Elizabeth should call Nicky first.

I gave her the phone number and listened in amazement as she dialed Nicky's number and proceded to try to change the mashed potatoes to extra stuffing. Nicky was baffled. Elizabeth hung up confused.

I couldn't quit laughing.

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