Thursday, January 3, 2008

It must run in the family...

Driving to south Dallas to have lunch with some friends, we took 2 cars, as there were six of us going to eat and each of the Kahle cars only sat five. That required the use of both cars. I was in the lead car and Elizabeth drove Rick in his Highlander.

But as I approached our friend's house, I got a call from Rick asking if they were headed in the right direction...

My mind raced. Fear set in quickly. I was suddenly envisioning them heading back to Arkansas.

Rick told me that Elizabeth was on the 635, approaching the 75.

"Why? I told her to take the Dallas Tollway all the way to the end... and then meet up with the 35 and head south." Nowhere in my directions was the 635.

Rick's reply: "Well, Carolyn told us to go this way."

Huh? Carolyn (Rick's friend) is a missionary from Rick's hometown, now living in Peru, but currently "missioning" in dallas and we were taking she and her family out for a "true Texan meal." How on earth would Carolyn know how to guide them from OUR house to her dormitory in Dallas, some 25 miles away? However, if she had told them how to get there, it did explain why they were lost.

As I arrived at Carolyn's dormitory apartment, I managed to talk Elizabeth back into civilization and on over to the restaurant.

After lunch, since we were in two cars, I took Carolyn and her family back to their apartment while Liz went ahead and drove Rick home.

However... I beat them home.

I shouldn't have beat them home though. They left first and I made a stop at Carolyn's apartment. How on earth did I beat them home?

A cloud landed right on my head again... but it couldn't be...

Quickly calling Liz, I was met with, "Mom, I'm okay. I'm on the 121, passing the 635."

"Uh, Liz? What is it about the 635 that you love so much? The 635 runs NOWHERE near our house. The 121 does, but IT goes NOWHERE near where we went today!"

I don't even want to know how she got 25 miles out of the way...

Oh, those Kahles.

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