Saturday, January 5, 2008

There's one born every minute...

I finally gave my notice to quit to the hotel that I've been working for since the beginning of May. I've wanted to quit since August (when I got my full time job in the school district) but for one reason or another, I never did. Either someone would quit right before me, leaving a lack of bodies to cover all the shifts or my boss would tell me how much he needed me and offer me more hours. Or I would decide to hang on a few more weeks until I could claim some of my earned free nights at a sister hotel. Free hotel nights caused me to hang on through November.

Or my boss would go out of town and ask me to cover for him. I must admit, I did like playing hotel manager...

Whichever argument I had with myself, I always hung in there... waiting for the perfect time to quit. And that time did come... the Saturday before Christmas.

So how did I get so brave and regain my backbone? Aah, it was easy. On Friday night my boss called me and announced that he had quit. I gave MY notice about 5 minutes later.

So am I free? Did I regain my Saturday nights? Can I take little weekend trips like I've been dying to do since August?

Be serious.

I agreed to work two more Saturdays, that would equal my two weeks notice. And tomorrow would actually be my FIRST FREE SATURDAY!!!! YIPPEE!

Got a call today. It was my old hotel manager on the phone. Could I come to his new hotel and work for him on Sunday? He was in a pinch.

And I'm stupid.

I could keep my perks for the year.... free hotel rooms.... and all I would have to do would be to work for him now and then. Or then and now. Starting on Sunday.

More money? Nope. Just stupidity.

It's written right across my forehead...

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