Monday, January 7, 2008

flu? flew? flough?

This has been a darn cold winter here in Frisco, however we were warned of this when we were having our extremely mild summer this year. That's what they say... a mild summer brings a harsh winter. Well, it's not exactly a harsh winter here... but it sure the heck has been cold!

We drop to around 38 at night... and I'd be dead without my electric blanky. And our fireplace. And the space heater I have pointed right at my toes, constantly. And the down coat collection that I keep in my car. Yep, I know how to keep warm.

What I don't know, though, is how to work my gas fireplace. Oh, I work it just fine... but I have yet to figure out which direction to turn that little handle to open up the flew, flu, flough.

You'd think after turning it on for the last week and a half, I'd remember that the handle has to be pointed toward the back door. That's the rule. And that's the way I can remember it.

So why is there smoke - again - in my living room?

Drat. Darn flu. It's pointed wrong... Who moved the back door?

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