Monday, January 21, 2008

Brrrr... still Brrrr...

Got up this morning to the discovery that it was going to be a gray, dreary day. I was cold just thinking about it, cold just looking out the window. Cold down to the bones...

There went my plans to go to the beach.

Having a day off from work (Martin Luther King Day), I had already made plans to do some shopping. I was tired of wearing my thin California clothes and my flip flops, but I was also having trouble grasping the concept of wearing muk luks and parkas. You see, I'm California born and bred, it just doesn't get this cold there. 70 degrees in California was about all I could take. And that would warrant a ski jacket. And because of that fact, I do have quite a coat collection but I mostly I have them "just in case." I like to know they're available... ready at a moment's notice, in case I need them. Like in a chilly restaurant. Or at work, if the a/c is blowing too hard. You see, I'm also an optimist. I believe it will never really get TOO cold. And if so, it can't stay cold for long, right? And if it does, I've got a coat handy.

So, again, being a day off... I had decided to visit the local outlet mall (a favorite hangout) where there is a Wilson's House of Leather. (I still call it 'Wilson's House of Suede' much to the amusement of my coworkers... because, see, I'm from California. That's just what it's called there.)

So, again, being a day off... I made my plans to go. And looking forward to getting a new coat, I actually made a move towards getting dressed and going out. A small move, but a move none the less. You see, cold weather slows me down. And it sure looked cold out.

On my way to getting ready, I made a stop at my computer... and clicked on ebay to see what they had in the way of coats. And since I was freezing just walking to the bedroom it was a nice diversion. Plus, you can never have enough coats. Besides, looking at all those models wearing warm jackets and fur coats just warmed my very soul.

It wasn't long before I was bidding on a few myself. Yep, a nice little rabbit fur poncho got my bid. But that wasn't enough... I found a beautiful, black Alpaca wool cape that had my name all over it, too. (Alpaca wool? Is it from Alpaca?) Before long, I had filled up my closet with coats. The trunk of my car now isn't the only place I can go to get warm. My closet will soon be a haven of warmth as well. Coat after coat after coat.

The sad part? I won't have those ebay coats today. I've got to wait it out until the auctions end and then wait for the sellers to ship. So, that gives me plenty of time to keep shopping... at Wilson's House of Leather.

Gotta run... Wilson's is calling me. They're gonna be thrilled to see me coming, because well, you can never have too many coats, right?
After note... I won the auction for the rabbit fur poncho, however, I did not win the Alpaca black cape. Darn. I think ebay's going to have to see a lot more of me... if for nothing else but to learn where Alpaca is.

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