Sunday, February 10, 2008

The big room upstairs

Our home in Texas has a room upstairs that currently houses anything and everything that doesn't have a home. It came with the house and was originally called a 'media room.' We've never used it as one though. In fact, there are filing cabinets in one corner, bags of stuff for a future garage sale in another and a cabinet filled with games in yet another. One wall sports four bookcases full of books. And let's not forget about the two old computers hiding in the room as well. There's also a couch, a recliner and a small TV should someone feel like going up and watching it far away from everyone else...

Our house is one of many in the neighborhood that has just such a 'media room' in it. Fancy name for a room with a big screen TV and lots of chairs. We have no such TV and early on decided that the room would suit us much better as a game room/library. Not that we ever go up there and participate in either of those activities.

I got it in my head the other day that we really need to do something with that room. But what?

I tried to envision a huge guest room. But we already have a small guest room just across the hall. How about a full-fledged library? Well, that's what it is now... but we don't use it for that. A TV room? No, that would make it a 'media room.' I even tried to imagine it as a dance studio. All we'd have to do is put ballet barres on the walls and lay down a rubber floor. I don't want to teach ballet though.

Perhaps a huge storage closet? We do need more storage. But that's what it already is and that's such a waste of a big room.

I offered the room to Elizabeth as a very large bedroom. Nope. She likes her view of the lake from her tiny room up front.

After much thought and much deliberation... it dawned on me exactly what the room should be. And if we ever move, the room would then be a great selling feature...

Can you even guess what I came up with?

A 'media room.' How did you ever guess? You know it's just perfect for a large screen TV. Why on earth didn't I think of it before?

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