Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Rick: How do you work the remote?

Me: Well, you hit power, input, pic mode... scroll down to audio 1 for DVD or audio 2 for VCR... hit pic size for full screen, wide screen or movie theater screen, then hit volume over here, channels over here, and if you want HDTV you select these options over here...

Rick: I don't want HGTV.

Me: I said HDTV. Weren't you listening to the man? Oh that's right, you didn't bother to come up. You chose that time to tell your brother in law all about your days as a bomber pilot in Kuwait. You know what? You're on your own pal.

Rick: Hey can we hook up our stereo in here?

Me: Why? 65 inches of fantastic TV isn't good enough for you?

Rick: I just think we need to make this room more... complete. You know, more inviting.

* * pause * *

Me: You mean you want to live in here?

Rick smiled.

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